Probate And Estate Administration

Whatever your loved ones pass on, leave the hard work to us.

Comprehensive knowledge. Complete understanding.

None of us know what’s around the corner. But one thing’s for sure; whether you’re contesting a will or administering the liquidation of an estate, you need to feel you’re in safe hands during a stressful and demanding time.

Our team has decades of experience in helping clients prepare for what’s ahead. And in some cases, fighting for what’s right when you feel the will doesn’t truly reflect the wishes of the person who made it. 

We also have a highly knowledgeable team who can take you through the process of probate - from identification of assets, tax advice and paying inheritance tax; to the liquidation of assets, documentation preparation and the transfer of funds to the various parties.

In addition to a wealth of knowledge, we also offer complete understanding. The best of both worlds. We respect your loved one’s wishes and offer clear, relevant and practical advice. Guiding you through everything and keeping you informed every step of the way. Demystifying this complex area of law, helping you steer clear of hidden costs and nasty surprises.

Talk to us now about doing the right thing by your loved ones.

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