Relocating with a child

Relocating with a child

Families often have links to more than one country, or move from country to country. If you are in this position and are going through a separation or divorce, it is very common for one parent to wish to relocate abroad with their child or children. It is also very common for the remaining parent to wish to oppose the application. For that parent, it can feel like a ‘loss’ all over again.

Whatever the reasons may be, the parent wishing to relocate must not remove the child from the UK without the written consent of every person with parental responsibility or leave of the court.  If he or she does, they could be guilty of child abduction, which is a criminal offence.

Ensuring the best possible chance of success

Unfortunately, parents cannot always agree the way forward. Cases involving the relocation of children are particularly sensitive and require expert knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible chance of success. Our family lawyers have extensive experience and can provide you with guidance and legal representation in all aspects of the international movement of children.

Child abduction

On occasion, children are removed from a country without consent. There may appear to be very good reasons for doing so, for example to flee an abusive environment or to safeguard the welfare of the children. However, this is a criminal offence and so expert advice is essential. The law in relation to this area is evolving at a rapid pace and is only practised by specialist experts. Our family lawyers are well positioned to provide expert legal representation and guidance.

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