Child Arrangements

Child Arrangements

Approaching with care and sensitivity

Children are likely to be the primary focus for separated or separating couples. Our family lawyers advise on the options available for clients with children and are able to help in the resolution of any contested issues.

It is important for separated parents to try to co-parent effectively and to attempt to resolve any disputes which arise as swiftly and amicably as possible, without court intervention. We can help and are well versed at approaching children matters with care, sensitivity and confidentiality.

However, if it is not possible to agree on the arrangements for the children, whether that is where the children live, how often they should be in the care of the other parent, arrangements for holidays, education, medical treatment or religious or cultural matters, we can advise you on whether an application to the family court is necessary and likely to succeed.

Financial provision for children

Where parents of a child are unmarried, a parent can apply to the court for an order for the other parent to provide any dependent children and their primary carer with a property to live in. The prospect of success is of course dependent on the other parent’s financial position. Both parties would be expected to provide each other and the court with full and frank financial disclosure.

Parental contribution

In certain circumstances, the court can make an order for a parent to make additional payments to top up child maintenance payments as set by the Child Maintenance Service. However, such orders are rare and will only be made when the non-resident parent’s income is very high.

The court can also direct a parent to pay or contribute towards school fees, extra-curricular activities or additional items such as a car and furniture for the home. The amount and type of provision will depend very much on your individual circumstances and those of your former partner. Our team of lawyers regularly advise parents on their financial rights and obligations.

We would be more than happy to talk through your individual circumstance.

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