Adoption is the legal process by which individuals become a child's parents, assuming full legal and parental responsibility for the child, despite not being his natural parents. You can apply to adopt a child if you are over 21 and are single, married, in a civil partnership, an unmarried same sex or opposite couple or the partner of the child’s parents, via an adoption agency that is part of your local council or through a voluntary adoption agency.

Our family lawyers can support and guide you through the often daunting but exciting adoption process. They can also, and crucially, advise you on how to make the adoption legal. This will involve making an application to the family court for an Adoption Order. When the order is granted, the adoption will become permanent. You will become the legal parent of the child.

The process differs if you looking to adopt your spouse’s, civil partner’s or partner’s child and again our experienced family lawyers can help you with this.

We would be more than happy to talk through your individual circumstances.

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