Steve Kuncewicz shares insights with the BBC

Partner Steve Kuncewicz has been providing legal commentary on a variety of issues this month for the BBC.

Aldi comes under fire for copycat packaging

The founder of family sausage firm Heck has accused Aldi of copying their packaging. The former Yorkshire farmer, said he had politely asked Aldi to drop its Italian-style chicken chipolatas and suggested the packaging is similar to Heck's Chicken Italia sausages – but received a threatening legal letter in response. Click here* to listen to Steve's interview on the subject of packaging intellectual property with BBC Radio 4's 'You and Yours' show. Steve's interview begins at 37:10.

War on Infowars

Apple, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube all joined forces this week to remove conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars site off their platforms. Steve was invited to BBC Radio 4's 'PM Show'* to discuss how Alex Jones was in breach of their community guidelines. Steve's interview begins at 50:10.

"Does the punishment fit the crime?"

While covering the outcome of a recent court case on internet trolling, Neil Pringle from BBC's 'Sussex Breakfast' spoke to Steve about 'sinister stalking' and the numerous criminal offences that relate to "what you do and what you don't do" on social media. Listen to his full interviewhere*. Steve's interview begins at 02.28:03.

*The links are directed to the BBC website. Please note the recording of the interviews and programmes will expire a month after transmission

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