'Kidfluencers' and legal protection: "This is about old law catching up with new tech"

According to BLM partner and social media expert, Steve Kuncewicz, it is unclear how current laws apply to children earning advertising revenue on social media. He believes that the rapid rise of ‘kidfluencers’ could lead to future disputes similar to that of the US child actor Macaulay Culkin who removed his parents as legal guardians to take control of his fortune: “It wouldn’t surprise me if a few years down the line we see another Macaulay Culkin or Drew Barrymore, where it will be ‘my parents took my money’.”

Steve’s comments feature in an article in The Telegraph in which the Royal College of Psychiatrists warn that ‘kidfluencers’ should have the same legal protection as child actors. According to the article, "the College is urging the Government to consider new laws to ensure ‘kidfluencers’ are not overworked or exploited in the gold rush for fame.”

Click here to read the article in full https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/07/10/youtube-kidfluencers-should-have-legal-protections-child-actors/

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