Iskander Fernandez - HMRC taskforce and furlough themed fraud

Furlough fraud issues have proven to be a difficult problem for the Government to manage and as such, Rishi Sunak recently announced a HMRC taskforce would be set up to "clamp down" on such issues. However, given the reported costs of furlough themed fraud, the Chancellor's numbers have been called into question.

The Express spoke to Head of White Collar Crime and Investigations and Partner at BLM, Iskander Fernandez about the HMRC taskforce investigating furlough fraud.

“HMRC has gone to great lengths to warn businesses that fraudulent furlough applications are on the rise, so it's little surprise that a specific task force has been announced now by the Chancellor.

"Billions have been paid out through furlough, with some 10,000 HMRC inquiries currently live

The furlough scheme has evolved considerably from when it was first announced, and complex systems often come with loopholes that could be exploited."

Read more of Iskander's interview here.


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