Daniel Jones shares views on 'no blame' divorce proceedings with This is Money

Published in This is Money 2 May 2019

Divorcing couples could be thousands of pounds better off once a new divorce law - which removes the need to attribute blame for the failure of a marriage to one spouse - gets the go-ahead.

A 50 year-old divorce law currently forces couples to find fault with each other but family justice professionals and married couples who've experienced a split argue that it exacerbates conflict, rather than protects the institution of marriage.

Now legal experts have told This is Money that scrapping the law will not only reduce tensions but could save couples at least £2,000 and up to around £10,000 as they potentially avoid the need to go to court and battle it out for months, if not years.

BLM family law partner Daniel Jones shared his legal insights on the potential impact of the new law once established: 

"Parties can spend in excess of £2,000 very easily in negotiating the content of a 'blame' divorce petition. 

"If a compromise is not agreed then the matter will be listed for a contested hearing at great expense to both parties.

"The key change the government wishes to introduce with these proposals is that apportioning 'blame' against your spouse is eliminated.

"On the one hand this could significantly reduce timescales for those who previously could only rely upon five years separation but for those simply wishing to proceed on a 'no-fault' basis, the timescales under the changes could actually be longer than the system we currently have in place."

To read more of Daniel's views in the full article, click here.

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