BLM Family Law Partner Grainne Fahy celebrates The Divorce, Dissolution & Separation Bill currently being enacted into law

Grainne Fahy, BLM’s Head of Family Law, London and South East celebrates the Divorce, Dissolution & Separation Bill that is currently being enacted into law, commenting:

“This legislation is long overdue. Finally a human perspective has been brought to proceedings, to enable  married couples who no longer love each other to seek a ‘no fault’ divorce and circumvent the paternalistic view that they should ‘wait and see for a further two years whether they change their minds or not’ philosophy that some hold. However most of all, this signifies the end to the blame game, which will have a positive impact on this otherwise difficult process.

‘No fault’ divorce was originally tabled almost 25 years ago in the Family Law Act 1996, though was later repealed as it was deemed unworkable.

As a member of Resolution, I welcome legislation that eradicates the often acrimonious start to many a divorce proceeding,  whereby parties must apportion blame. We, as lawyers, try to approach this as sensitively as possible to avoid unnecessary acrimony but this usually involves higher costs and even with that no one likes to be considered “unreasonable”. Civility will now reign, with this new legislation, and the benefits to couples, children, financial settlements and futures will be palpable."







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