Early feedback on use of government portal to make applications for financial assistance under Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme positive says BLM

Early feedback on use of government portal to make applications for financial assistance under Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme positive says BLM

The Government’s Coronavirus job retention scheme system went live at 5.30am this morning ahead of the official 8.00am start time.

Initial feedback on social media has been positive, saying the system is easy to navigate and user friendly says BLM head of employment law, London - Julian Cox.

Some though have complained that the system times out after 30 minutes and information input can’t be saved.

One Twitter user also said they were preventing from completing the application due to technical issues.

According to the Treasury, the Schema is designed to process up to 450,000 applications an hour. They have claimed employer should receive the money within six working days of making an application.

Under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the Government will cover 80% of workers' wages, up to £2,500 a month, if they are put on furlough leave.

Julian Cox, head of employment law, London at BLM commented:

"The initial feedback from users accessing the portal has been positive, expressing pleasant surprise at how easy the system is to use.

The 5.30am launch, earlier than the official start time seems a move designed to prevent the system from becoming overwhelmed and crashing.

I note though that one or two users have taken to social media to say they are unable to complete their application due to technical issues, an ominous sign.

Any problems that employers may encounter in accessing the government portal would be very unhelpful at a time when businesses are already suffering considerable anxiety as a result of the impact of lockdown.

Teething problems are perhaps inevitable though given the speed with which the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and portal have been put together and the sheer number of businesses needing financial help and support in these challenging times.

It is essential that any issues are immediately addressed and that that going forward the application process is smooth and furlough payments under the Scheme are made without delay.

To do so would only serve to exacerbate the cash-flow crisis employers are already suffering, jeopardising not only jobs but more fundamentally the future of businesses themselves.”



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