Internal Investigations

A number of challenges have arisen for businesses since the COVID-19 pandemic, that have led to a ‘new normal’. But, when a business decides to undertake an internal investigation as a result of a whistle-blower report or on its own volition, what should it have in mind when seeking to pursue an investigation remotely, particularly when social distancing measures are in place?

We have produced a document and an accompanying series of vlogs, guiding you through the process of conducting an internal investigation from beginning to end.

Our guide will ensure you and your business are prepared. Please fill in your details below to download the guide today.

Internal Investigations: The Start, the Middle and the End Vlog Series

Episode One - Necessity, the complaint and your team

Episode Two - Plan, plan, plan

Episode Three - Privilege

Episode Four - Data

Episode Five - Employment Law Considerations

Episode Six - Kick off!

Episode Seven - Now what?

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