White Collar Crime

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The focus on white collar crime is intensifying, with businesses of all sizes facing increasing scrutiny from prosecuting agencies and regulators. Whether you’re the subject of an investigation, or carrying out an internal investigation, our Partner-led team can help you mitigate any potential personal, financial or reputational fallout.

Our experts have in-depth experience in all areas of white collar crime (corporate crime), particularly bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. We regularly advise and represent clients during investigations by the police, SFO, HMRC, NCA or CPS, and also regularly advise on, and commence, private prosecutions.

Our experts have acted in many high profile cases, including advising and representing the first corporate to contest proceedings under the Bribery Act. Our experts have also advised individuals as part of the SFO’s investigation into a well-known grocer.

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  • All aspects of white collar crime
  • Bespoke ABC training
  • We represent individuals and corporates

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A number of challenges have arisen for businesses  since the COVID-19 pandemic, that have led to a ‘new normal’. But, when a business decides to undertake an internal investigation as a result of a whistle-blower report or on its own volition, what should it have in mind when seeking to pursue an investigation remotely, particularly when social distancing measures are in place? Click here to download our guide today and we will ensure you and your business are prepared.